MASS membership includes school division superintendents and assistant superintendents as well as associate members across Manitoba who provide educational leadership.

MASS originated in the mid 1950’s when a small number of Manitoba superintendents began meeting informally to discuss matters of mutual concern. In 1956 MASS assumed a more formal structure as an affiliate of the Canadian Association of School Administrators. In the 1960’s, with the creation of larger unitary school divisions, MASS membership grew to nearly 100 and activities expanded to include professional development seminars and conferences. In 1986, MASS was incorporated and today our 110 plus membership is comprised of superintendents and assistant superintendents from  across Manitoba, as well as around 10 associate members.

At the Annual General Meeting, held in May or early June of each year, MASS members elect a 14 member Executive, consisting of five Table Officers, five Regional Representatives from five regions of roughly equal membership and two directors-at-large. Regional meetings are held several times a year to discuss both provincial and regional issues. 

MASS has representation on 35 provincial committees and collaborates on projects and professional development events with sister organizations (Manitoba School Boards Association, Manitoba Teachers' Society, Manitoba Association of School Business Officials, Manitoba Association of Parent Councils, Council of School Leaders and Manitoba Education).

Each August, prior to the MASS Summer Institute, the Executive completes a Strategic Plan for the coming year. MASS 2013-2014 Priorities (Adobe PDF Icon PDF)