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School and School Division Planning

Manitoba Education aims to improve educational planning. (See Priority 3 of the K-S4 Agenda, Strengthening School Planning and Reporting.) Effective planning helps ensure that attention and effort are placed where they are most needed. The department emphasizes outcomes-oriented planning, evaluating results and reporting to the community. Expectations for 2014-15 are outlined in the Letter to School Division (Adobe PDF Document 144 KB).

The document Supporting Inclusive Schools: School-Based Planning and Reporting: A Framework for Developing and Implementing Annual School Plans and Reports, outlines key planning concepts and provides suggestions that may assist school communities with their planning processes.

Departmental Planning
The department has several public components to its own planning process. The main one is the Manitoba K-S4 Education Agenda for Student Success: 2002-2006. The Agenda was developed through broad consultation with individual and organizational stakeholders. Related components of department planning include:

Divisional Planning
For the 2014-15 school year, school divisions are still required to report to their communities. Reporting to the department has been changed to a three year cycle which includes written reports and division visits every third year. A detailed explanation is provided in the Letter to SD (Adobe Icon 144 KB). Divisions can use the following templates to organize the required information. Divisions can choose the format and timing of the community reports.

2014-15 School Division Planning Template New Icon
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2014-15 School Division Planning Template New Icon
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The separate Categorical Grant Reporting Template
is available on the Grants in K-12 Education page.

School Planning
All schools are expected to work with their school community to address school priorities. They are required to provide an end-of-year report to their communities. Schools are now required to provide a written report to the department every third year at the end of October. A suggested template for reporting to the department is provided below.

2014-15 School Planning Template New Icon
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2014-15 School Planning Template New Icon
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School Planning Template Rubric
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School Planning Rubric Example
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School Plan Web-based Application (
Schools are able to share their school plan reports by registering at the link above and uploading their school plan report. The application will allow the school planning team to share strategies and ideas that are successful in addressing priorities. To register contact:

For further information on planning in your school or school division, please contact:

Larry Budzinski, Consultant
Program and Student Services Branch

Manitoba Education
Room 411, 27 - 2nd Avenue SW
Dauphin MB R7N 3E5

Telephone: 204-572-5117
Manitoba Toll Free: 1-800-282-8069

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